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JabberLib 0.1 released

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I’m pleased to announce that JabberLib, a .NET library for connecting to XMPP (Jabber) servers, has just been released for the very first time on the Internet that you are reading! Right now!

Download the 0.1 release here

Who is this for?

JabberLib, similar to OscarLib and MsnLib, is a component for .NET developers to add Jabber messaging capability to their applications. It is written in C# and is .NET 2.0- (and Mono-) compatible.

Can I use this in my closed-source application that I sell for cash monies?

Sure, go right ahead! JabberLib is released under the MIT License and is freely available to all developers without restriction (or guarantee).

How can I add this to my project?

Quick and easy:

  • Download the 0.1 binary release and extract it to your project directory
  • Right-click on your project in Visual Studio and choose “Add reference…”; go to the “Browse” tab and select JabberLib.dll from wherever you extracted it.
  • See the example code to learn how to instantiate and manipulate a JabberLib Session.

I found a bug / I want to request a feature

Bug reports and feature requests can be logged on the JabberLib project site.

I want to contribute code, kind words, or death threats!

Stop on by #shaim on irc.freenode.net and chat with the developers. Most of us live in the East Coast / Central United States, but someone is always idling in the channel so feel free to leave a message.

Original posting on shaim.net

Written by Chris

March 28th, 2008 at 9:31 am

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