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Getting back in the saltwater game

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In yet another stunning display of how much better my new working environment is, I’ve gotten permission to keep a small fish tank on my desk. At first I was just going to keep a betta, but like usually happens, I’ve starting thinking bigger. I got Courtney a 12 gallon Eclipse for her birthday, and at that time I dragged out all my old equipment so I could give her supplies that I wasn’t using, such a big heater. Going through all that salt-encrusted hardware that I’d forgotten I owned got me yearning for keeping a saltwater tank again. At this point I was already planning on doing a tank at work, so I figured, why not get back into saltwater whole-hog?

Yesterday the new tank I’d ordered was delivered. It’s a 3 gallon Picotope, and it’s a pretty darn attractive tank in person, what with its curved front and all. Sadly, I won’t be able to reuse much of my old hardware, since this tank is significantly smaller than anything I’ve tried before. Thankfully that won’t be much of a problem. Reefkeeping technology has progressed in the last two years, and now they make wee tiny protein skimmers. Measurements given in a review on Reef Central indicates that would fit pretty well on the Picotope, and since they’re on sale for only $15, I ordered one on the theory that I wouldn’t be out much if it didn’t work for me. They make a wide range of wee tiny heaters too, which will be helpful since an office environment is not usually kept at the optimal 80 degrees of a reef tank.

So what am I going to do with this tank? I’m not sure quite yet, but I’ll definitely have time to think about it while I get all the hardware ordered and together. Reading threads on Reef Central has given me ideas for the tank layout, at least. The new trend is to hide all the hardware behind an overflow wall, which is a very attractive option if it’ll work with the size of the protein skimmer. If I go that route, I’ll have even more time to think about what to put in it, as this will require the cutting and painting and gluing of Plexiglass. Fun times ahead!

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July 23rd, 2008 at 1:08 pm

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  1. Bah.

    My working environment lets me keep ferrets in my office.

    AND a bed.



    23 Jul 08 at 1:40 pm

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