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A computer is a box where decisions are made.

Phillippe, age 5

One of the computer decisions I make on a frequent basis is to get up and walk away from it, locking the workstation as I go. Sadly, Pidgin, the IM client I use at work, remains blissfully ignorant of my choice. Other IM clients automatically set the account status to “Away” when the workstation is locked, but Pidgin does no such thing…until now.

I’ve created a Pidgin plugin called Lock ‘n’ Roll that will set any active accounts to Away (with a user-defined message if applicable) when the workstation locks, and back to Available when it is unlocked. If an account has an existing away message set, Lock ‘n’ Roll leaves it alone. This is my first shot at Pidgin development so be sure to report any errors to so that I can fix them and make everyone’s life a little happier.

Download locknroll-1.0.zip, source and binary included. To install, copy “locknroll.dll” to the Pidgin plugins directory. To activate it, restart Pidgin and go to the Tools menu, select Plugins, and tick the checkbox next to “Lock ‘n’ Roll”

Written by Chris

January 22nd, 2009 at 9:18 am

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