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Our honeymoon to the Pacific Northwest, Part Two

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Part One

I left off last post right at our arrival in Port Angeles, Washington. We immediately drove off on US-101, headed slightly west and then south around the Olympic National Forest.

10-13 023
US-101: Pretty dang scenic!

10-13 026
This picture is currently my desktop wallpaper at work. Courtney made fun of me for being entranced by the crystal-clear waters.

10-13 029
Rollin’ top-down, y’all.

Sometime in here we stopped in Forks, WA, the home of the Twilight Saga. It was pretty much completely stupid. Every single establishment was flogging the advertisement angle so hard it was embarrassing. We stopped to pee in the city park and left as quick as we could.

We stopped mid-afternoon for a hike in some temperate rain forest at Lake Quinault.

10-13 078

10-13 070

10-13 053
Awww 🙂

We stayed that evening in Ocean Shores, WA, a sleepy little seaside town that was decidedly in the off-season.

10-14 001
The view from our seaside-ish hotel.

Our destination the next day was Portland. We went by way of, Astoria, Oregon, where we had heard about a fantastic fish-n-chips place. It’s an little old fishing boat that was parked on the corner of a gravel lot and filled bursting with fryers. They only serve what’s caught that day and for that reason may be closed at any given date. They were not closed that day 🙂

10-14 017
I think I drove past this at least once without realizing what I was seeing.

10-14 016
Step 1: go up steps. Step 2: order fish, chips, or some combination of the two. Step 3: pay monies. Step 4: go down steps and retrieve a can of soda from a cooler. Step 5: …

10-14 011
Oh my god step five yessssss

We continued our trek to Portland where we stayed the evening in a fine hotel called The Inn at Northrup Station.

10-14 024
We dug the eclectic decoration of this hotel.

10-14 037
This is the folded end of the toilet paper roll from the bathroom. I’m not ashamed to say that we stole this idea with the embosser we got for our wedding.

That evening turned out to be an adventure. Courtney had gotten a map of a homebrewed walking tour of Portland from a book called Oregon Townscape Walks. The maps are all hand-drawn and the directions are all in LEFT and RIGHTs and were sometimes fairly vague in terms of landmarks. Over the course of 4.6 miles we experienced:

10-14 062
A ridiculous change in elevation!

10-14 041
A backyard bamboo garden!

10-14 055
A forest preserve with narrow dirt paths along sheer drops!

Not pictured: wondering if we were completely lost because the map wasn’t clear about the exit from the forest into a medical center complex!

We were tired as heck when we got done but it was a lot of fun.

Here I will leave off until Part Three: What The Hell Is On That Doughnut?

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