A rare situation

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After my excursion into poetry last week – and by the way I have had the Fresh Prince theme song stuck in my head nearly constantly since – I received some questions about why my blog had the tagline “A rare situation.” Well hell if I remember the “why” of it but I can at least share the source of the words: Achewood, my favorite webcomic, from a storyline called “Slow Pitch Softball”

Achewood from April 26, 2007

If anyone out there likes webcomics and doesn’t read Achewood, or doesn’t like webcomics period, that’s fine and that’s good. If however you want to read a work of writing genius that became Time Magazine’s #1 graphic novel of 2007, you’ve got nine years of strips to catch up on. A good starting point is original storyline: The Party.

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November 16th, 2010 at 8:44 am

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