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A Really Nice House We Found

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News since last week: The house we liked the most from last weekend got an offer the same day we went to go see it, so someone else was the lucky winner there. We liked it a lot, but not enough to put an offer on it immediately. Someone else liked it more. They got a good house, so good for them. Also, we got our loan pre-approval this week. It’s somewhat important that the bank is pretty sure we can borrow money from them, so that’s good news!

Today, we visited four houses. This house was the first house:

And really, we should’ve just stopped there. There was one other reasonably nice house, but after this one they all looked pretty poor. This house was a tough act to follow. It’s been very, very well maintained, and where it’s been updated, it’s been updated beautifully. The roof is a few years old, the siding is vinyl and looks very good. Lots of other things are new, and even what’s not new has been kept up very well. There are a lot of floors we’d have to replace, and the fence would need upgrading, but we like this house enough that doing so would be worth it. Aside from those things, there’s really nothing that would have to immediately change for us to move in, which is very, very nice. Stay tuned for updates on this one!

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June 16th, 2012 at 1:20 pm

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