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House Shopping Inaugural Weekend, Part 2

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Yesterday, we added to our considerable haul of house visits for the weekend with an additional four houses, bringing our total to ten.

This house was our favorite house going into this weekend.

However, we weren’t as excited about it after we visited it in person. A lot of it seems to be in disrepair or in need of work. The overall picture of the house is pretty good, but the details are kind of alarming. So this one has been moved down to a rather low place on the list.

We also visited this house; it was having an open house yesterday.

This house is a very nice house with very nice finishes. It’s beautiful inside. But the spaces inside are really quite odd. It has four bedrooms and a whole ton of space on 5 different levels (split ones). But it only has two bathrooms, one of which is a tiny, TINY master bathroom, with a shower just big enough to stand in. And the laundry was all the way down in the basement. The allocation of space in this one is just not very well thought out. I still like it, but it feels like it would need actual remodeling at some point, which is not something I’m really prepared to consider right off the bat.

This weekend’s late entrant and dark horse was this house:

This one was just listed on Saturday, so we saw it the day after it went on the market. The pictures that are out there for this house are just of the outside, so we had no idea what to expect once we went in the front door. But the outside pictures looked nice, and we really like this location and neighborhood, so it was definitely worth a look. And I’m really glad we went! It’s a lovely house on the inside also. You can view some pictures Chris took of the inside here. Someone has clearly kept this house up. The fence in the back is very short, and the only hard floors are in the kitchen and the bathrooms, but the price is very reasonable, so we could change these things fairly easily. This house is not very big; the living area is limited to the raised part of the raised ranch, with the lower level consisting of a garage (of good size!) and an unfinished basement area. I kind of like the fact that the basement remains unfinished; it’s kind of a blank canvas that way. The kitchen is really pretty small, but the counter space is considerable for its size. Chris and I really like this house. It’s our current favorite, but we need more information and more thinking about how much space we need before we can really say if we would like to buy it.


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June 11th, 2012 at 11:31 am

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